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LTC Program Assistant, French Iso-immersion

Please see Special Instructions for more details.

Transportation costs to the training center in Bemidji, Minnesota will also be covered/reimbursed. Please request recommendation letters from at least two people and furnish contact information, including an email address. Please upload a resume or CV and a cover letter. You do not need to complete the "activities you can lead" section of the application.

Posting Information

Posting Information

Position Title LTC Program Assistant, French Iso-immersion
Position Type CLV Seasonal - Academic Year
Employment Status Seasonal
Number of Months 1
General Employment Period

December 1-15, 2017 including program orientation and planning time before students arrive on December 3.

General Work Schedule (days of week)

given the residential iso-immersion nature of the program, instructional team members should expect to be actively engaged in the program 10-14 hours per day

General shift hours

varies with program needs and individual focus/responsibility for program elements; generally between 7:30 AM and 10 PM

Minimum Salary $500 per week, plus room and board
Job Summary/Basic Function

The LTC Program Assistant for the Spanish Iso-immersion course offered by Concordia Language Villages assists with the implementation of a custom iso-immersion program offered by the Villages as guided by the Lead Instructor. This includes contributing to and leading various program elements that support the overall immersion experience. This can vary from offering hands-on activities (sports, games, arts/crafts, music, etc.) to planning and implementing cultural presentations, large group activities, evening programs, meal presentations, assisting instructors during class time, etc. A Program Assistant is responsible for implementing program elements that reflect the mission of Concordia Language Villages and the parameters of the Concordia LTC model. The Program Assistant reports to the respective LTC Lead Instructor/Program Coordinator and to the administrative team of Concordia Language Villages as a whole.

1. Program
A. Work in a productive, collegial relationship with CLV colleagues to develop, implement and ensure a strong iso-immersion program.
B. Be an active, facilitative and visible member of the LTC program when in session.
C. Assist in developing and implementing a well-rounded linguistically and culturally appropriate learner-centered program in line with the LTC expectations, working in collaboration with others on the instructional team.
D. Help ensure that the Village program is operated in accordance with the standards of the American Camp Association (ACA), and in agreement with the policies of Concordia College and Concordia Language Villages.
E. Promote the health, safety, and well-being of all participants.
F. As appropriate and requested collaborate with others within the respective larger Language Community.

2. Collegial work environment
A. Actively engage in and support the instructional team prior to begin of the course (as requested) and throughout implementation.
B. Develop and maintain collegial relationships among all staff, including support staff, for a productive, safe and health working atmosphere at the Village that promotes the mission of the Language Villages.
C. Actively contribute staff meetings for purposes of communication, logistical planning and educational improvement of the program.
D. Support peer staff member’s contribution to the program Implement Concordia Language Villages policies and procedures.

3. Operations/Program Support
A. Be a steward of your Language Village site, resources, and relationships.
B. Help oversee general operation of your Language Villages program.
C. Help ensure effective and timely communication between your Village program and the Language Villages support staff team(s).

4. Public Relations
A. Be an ambassador for your program and Concordia Language Villages.
B. Foster positive connections between all participants and others interested or involved in the program.
C. Welcome and provide guidance for Village visitors interested in learning about the program.

Essential functions of the this position are listed below. Essential functions are the fundamental job duties or tasks that the program leader must be able to perform, with or without reasonable accommodation. These are statements of performance or ability necessary to fulfill the core or essential functions of the job of a program leader. These statements describe what it takes to do the job, without stipulating how. The list of essential functions is a supplement to the position description .

1. Auditory
Must possess auditory ability to monitor and assess the needs of his/her Village program. This includes but is not limited to:
A. Hearing and interpreting information a staff member or client is communicating verbally, in both English and the target language.
B. Communicating over the phone in both English and the target language.

2. Visual Acuity
Must possess visual ability sufficient for observation and assessment necessary to carry out tasks outlined in the job description, including:
A. Observing and assessing individual(s) behavior(s), especially those salient to staff and participants.
B. Observing and assessing program activities for its reflection of program objectives.
C. Observing and assessing non-verbal communication signals reflective of both English and the target language.
D. Reading and understanding printed documents in both English and the target language.

3. Motor Function
Must have sufficient motor function, neuromuscular strength and coordination to effectively perform the activities required of the job. Examples include but are not limited to:
A. Moving from place to place within the village while carrying various objects.
B. B. Responding effectively in emergency situations.

4. Communication
Must be able to communicate effectively and sensitively with clients, program and support staff in both English and the target language. This includes expressive and receptive modes of verbal, nonverbal and written communication. Examples include but are not limited to:
A. Explaining village policies and practices.
B. Documenting assessment, action and responses of staff and clients to incidents as well as routine Village activities.
C. Reading and assessing client, staff and program literature.
D. Giving an accurate report of requested information to peers and administration.
E. Effectively hiring, orienting and coaching a staff team to provide the program.

5. Emotional Health
Must possess the emotional health required for full use of his/her intellectual abilities including the ability to:

A. Prioritize competing demands; focus and maintain attention to necessary tasks.
B. Function in stressful circumstances; deal with the unexpected (e.g., client crisis).
C. Separate own needs and experiences in order to maintain objectivity and a client-centered program.
D. Adjust to changing circumstances.
E. Handle the strong emotion of others while controlling personal responses.

6. Behavioral
Must possess the ability to establish and maintain appropriate professional relationships, which includes to:

A. Act ethically.
B. Exercise sound (rational) judgment.
C. Be compassionate.
D. Develop mature, sensitive and effective relationships with clients and the CLV community.
E. Complete all responsibilities attendant to the dean’s functional role.

7. Interpersonal Skills
Must be able to effectively interact with individuals and groups respecting social and cultural diversity. This includes but is not limited to:
A. Negotiating interpersonal conflict (conflict management skills).
B. Directing the activity of others through communication processes.
C. Communicating sufficiently to direct the interaction of others in written and oral forms.
D. Influencing the actions of others.

• Provision of essential functions helps assure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Minimum Qualifications

Advanced Plus proficiency (at minimum) in French and English
• Commitment to the importance of immersion language and culture education
• Experience with appropriate teaching strategies and methodologies for second language learning
• Strong organizational and management skills
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• At least completed two years of undergraduate program combined with relevant related experience.
• Ability to perform the essential functions of the program leader position (see job description)
• Availability for session dates
• Eligibility to be employed legally in the USA; assume responsibility and costs for any visa requirements if applicable
• Sympathy with the mission of a liberal arts college affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Preferred Qualifications

• Completed college degree, preferred
● Previous leadership position at Concordia Language Villages or in a comparable language immersion environment,
● Outgoing, personable, engaging personality

Position Opening Date 08/28/2017
Position Closing Date
Open Until Filled Yes
Screening Begins 09/11/2017
Special Instructions to Applicants

Transportation costs to the training center in Bemidji, Minnesota will also be covered/reimbursed.

Please request recommendation letters from at least two people and furnish contact information, including an email address. Please upload a resume or CV and a cover letter. You do not need to complete the “activities you can lead” section of the application.

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